Fun Activities

Cresta Run Toboggan Ride

Ride the Cresta Run, our awesome toboggan ride. Press play on the video and watch just how much fun it is!

The lift will take you to the top and then you are in control throughout the 500m of our fun course via a series of twists and turns.

Last rides are sold 1 hour before our closing times.

Children must be 4yrs+ to take part on the toboggan. Ages 4-7 years must ride with an adult. 8+ must ride alone.

You can book this activity online individually or as part of our ‘Slide & Ride’ or ‘Slide, Ride & Drop’ deals.

Pre-Booking for groups is advised.

Drop Slide

Dare you ride our Drop Slide! Tube down the zigzag twists and turns of our 70m Drop Slide.

It’s the next step up from Sno-Tubing for anyone looking for extra thrills!

Please read our FAQ Section for information on Age Restrictions.

You can book this activity online as part of our Slide, Ride & Drop deal.

Sno-tubing Slide

Sno-tubes are large inflatable rings which can be spun and linked together to slide down the slopes.

They are safe, fun and popular with all ages. No prior experience needed! Simply get on and enjoy the slide!

No minimum number to book on a public session. You can book this activity online individually or as part of our ‘Slide & Ride’ or ‘Slide, Ride & Drop’ deals.

Please note, when you see the number of spaces available on the booking page, this is per person, eg, for an Adult and Child Ticket you need 2 spaces, Family Ticket you need 4 spaces, etc.

Please read our FAQ Section for information on Age Restrictions.

Youth Group Outings

All of our activities are available to book as a private, corporate or family event with a meal included in the Alpine Lodge.

Our activities are also a suitable option for birthday parties as well as youth group outings. Scouts, Guides and Football Groups are just a few of the clubs that join us for an evening of fun.

Youth Groups/Clubs receive discounted activity prices. Call us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I wear?

A: For Sno-Tubing it is as simple as dressing for the weather. Trainers or equivalent shoes that give good grip for walking up hill are a must and no open-toed shoes are permitted.

Q: What time do I need to arrive?

A: For Tubing sessions please arrive 15 minutes beforehand to check in.

Birthday Parties: If you are having a birthday party with food, please be on site at least 20 minutes before the start time as we have to take the children’s food orders and make sure all your guests are on site before we start the session. For birthday parties without food then you can arrive between 10-15 minutes before the start time.


 Q: How many people can be on a session?

A: Our ratios are 1-15. This means a public tubing session is full once 15 people are booked on.

If you have a private session we can add as many as you like. We simply just add staff to match the ratios. Our recommended maximum group size is 20-25 to maximize the rides the group have.

If you are booked for a Slide and Ride Package, larger groups will generally be split into 2 groups, and alternate between the activities.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: We are a rain or shine slope, we would only stop a session if there was thunder and lightning due to the risk of being on a hill in such a storm. The average length of the tube run is 70m. Pease be aware that if it is raining or icy, we may need to lower the tube start point and on dry days we may be able to go a little higher!

Q: Can I go on the slope with my child?

A: If your child may struggle taking their Sno-Tube up the hill themselves, then parents are more than welcome to help them carry the tube up the slope.

Q: How old do you have to be to take part?

A: Toboggan – Minimum age 4yrs (4-7 must ride with an adult 16+ with the adult being in control at all times).

Sno-Tubing and Drop Slide – We can take children from 4 years of age upwards.

Q: How do I get up the slope?

A: Participants do require a good standard of physical fitness as you are required to walk back up the slope with your tube.