Tots Group Ski Lessons

Our group lesson timetable for Tots aged 4-7, enables your child to progress through our structured skill level system with other participants of the same ability. There is a maximum of 4 pupils on lessons up to level 3, a maximum of 6 pupils on level 4 lessons and a maximum of 7 pupils on level 5 lessons. Each paid level is a 45 minute lesson running on two consecutive Saturdays. Customers must be available for both weeks.

Check our schedule for the next available lessons.

Call us on 01283 217200 to book your reservation

Choose your level
Level 1 – Introduction to Skiing
Location: Nursery Slope

Equipment: Be able to fasten and walk in ski boots.

Walk with Skis: Can attach and walk around with skis on and off.

Side Step: Able to side-step up the hill.
Run: Able to straight run down the hill.
Level 2 – Learning to Snowplough
Location: Nursery Slope

V-Shape: Able to hold a ‘V’ Shape.

Slow Slide: Able to slide slowly in a ‘V’ Shape.

Slowing Down: Able to slide down the hill with straight skis followed by using a ‘V’ to slow down.

Stop: Can use a ‘V’ shape to stop halfway down the slope.
Level 3 – Learning to Turn
Location: Nursery Slope

Turning: Able to turn left and right.

Turning in Motion: Able to turn, straight run and turn once more.

Linking Turns: Able to link two turns together.

4 Turns: Able to turn around 4 markers.
Level 4 – Linking Turns
Location: Nursery Slope

4 Turns: Able to turn around 4 offset markers.

8 Turns: Able to turn around 8 offset markers.

Following: Can follow an instructor (controlled turns).

Using the lift: Able to use the lift without help.
Level 5 - Plough Parallel
Location: Main Slope

Basic plough parallel: Ploughing around the corner and matching skis after the fall-line.

Plough parallel: Progressively matching skis earlier in the fall-line.

Tots Private Ski Lessons

Private lessons are available at any time - subject to instructor availability. All private lessons are for 1/2 hour and must be booked in advance. Maximum of 2 children per private lesson.

Call us on 01283 217200 to book your reservation

Tobogganing Opening Times

Term Time

Monday12pm to 8pm
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School Holidays

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Private bookings can be arranged outside opening hours.

Ski & Snowboard Opening Times

Term Time

Monday12pm to 9pm
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School Holidays

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Last tickets are sold 1 hour and 30 minutes before closing times. Our phone lines are open from 9am to approx. 1 hour before closing time.

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