New Slope – Phase 1 – Bring. It. On

A busy few days!

Phase 1 of the slope project is to take up the top third of the slope, remove a layer of the enkadrain underneath and replace all the anchors needed to secure the new matting in place. We will also be taking a look at the misting system, in order to convert this where needed, to a system suited better to the new style of slope.

The old mats are heavy, but with some improvisation and muscle, the first part of the job is complete! We are now awaiting a visit from the specialists Skitech Systems Ltd tomorrow (Thurs 23rd), who will advise us on how best to lay the matting in place. We will also discuss a delivery schedule for the new matting, so we can plan labour over the next few weeks!

We have had so much love on social media regarding the change, many racing associations sharing the news with excited comments and general public looking forward to getting back out on the main slope once completed. It has lead to an article across a number of newspapers/online and an interview with BBC Radio Derby today.